Mira Aerospace, a global leader in High-Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) technology, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with SENAI CIMATEC, one of Brazil's most advanced ecosystems for education, science, technology, and innovation, with a specific emphasis on developing industry solutions. The agreement was signed during the launch ceremony of Bahia Aerospace Technology Park at SENAI CIMATEC headquarters in Salvador, Bahia, in the presence of Tigran Babayan, Chief Strategy Officer of Mira Aerospace, and other executives.

The initiative merges Mira Aerospace’s HAPS capabilities with SENAI CIMATEC’s expertise in more than forty technological areas. This collaboration lays the foundation for Mira Aerospace to integrate its HAPS technology into the upcoming Bahia Aerospace Technology Park; the first of its kind in the North and Northeast of Brazil, to be established at Salvador Air Force Base.

Tigran Babayan, Chief Strategy Officer, Mira Aerospace said, “Brazil has a long-standing legacy in the aerospace industry and is a key market for Mira Aerospace to explore opportunities in. This collaboration will bolster the Brazilian aerospace industry by leveraging the combined strengths of our cutting-edge technologies and SENAI CIMATEC's technical expertise. The collaboration is poised to address challenges, explore new frontiers, and drive breakthroughs that will benefit not only the companies involved but also the broader aerospace community in Brazil.”

“The MOU with Mira Aerospace is one of a number of collaborations to strengthen Brazil’s aerospace technology ecosystem. We look forward to working with Mira Aerospace to drive innovation and technological advancements in the aerospace sector”, said Leone Andrade, General Director of SENAI CLIMATEC.

“The collaboration between SENAI CLIMATEC and Mira Aerospace represents a transformative leap forward in shaping the Bahia Aerospace Technology Park into a premier hub within the Brazilian aerospace industry. This underscores our steadfast dedication to nurturing innovation, propelling technological advancements, and acting as a catalyst for substantial economic growth in the region”, declared Carlos Henrique Passos, President of the Federation of Industries of the State of Bahia. 

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